Evie Shafner, MFCC
Individual & Couples Therapy

Quantum Entrainment

Quantum Entrainment offers you a new approach to abundant living!  Awareness. Such a simple word, but ultimately a state of being which is elusive to most us. We try to be "aware", to live each moment. To enhance your therapeutic experience and develop a state of awareness which enhances your emotional and psychological healing, I offer Quantum Entrainment (QE). Developed by Dr. Frank Kinslow, QE is a remarkably easy way to stop thinking in seconds and experiencing the natural healing power within you.   

Harmony in Body and Mind

During our sessions, I teach you how to center your thoughts and master a powerful, yet surprising simple, way to obtain thought transcendence and a deep, relaxing inner peace through exercises that provide you with immediate results.   

Awareness and the resulting stillness of mind, as explained by Dr. Kinslow, is the secret of life and the foundation for health, happiness and success. He goes on to explain: "Awareness is not your mind. If  your mind were a lightbulb, then awareness would be the electricity that lights it up. A dull reflection of awareness in the mind causes confusion, misunderstanding, and ultimately, suffering.  A mind bright with awareness is calm and present. It displays a peaceful gentleness that puts others at ease.” 

Please learn more about this incredibly powerful, optional adjunct to our therapy in the video demonstration I've provided in the sidebar to the right.

I would love to work  with you to explore more fully how we can integrate these concepts into your life! 
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