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Are you longing to return to those good feelings you had with your partner in the beginning-that person you felt you could talk to, feel loved by, the person who was going to meet all your needs? What if you knew there was a communication technique you could learn right away that could bring all of that back into your relationship?

Imago Relationship Therapy, developed by Harville Hendrix, PhD makes sense of, and explains why almost all couples - at least some of the time - lose that sense of loving connection; and it teaches a structured way of talking that very quickly takes us back to those places of safe connecting. A way of talking in which you can share your concerns and upsets and be met with empathy and kindness instead of defensiveness.

The space between you and your partner is your “home” - and with the beautiful dialogue process of Imago, the space your relationship lives in will feel good, feel safe - and be the place you both love to hang out in.  Learn more about Imago Couples Therapy.   

I wish you a home filled with kindness and peace ...
Los Angeles Imago Relationship Therapist Evie Shafner,MFCC, Individual and Couples Therapy, Offices in Hancock Park and Westlake Village, Evie Shafner, MFCC
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