Imago Therapy Process

What if you knew there was a technology to transform your relationship that was easy to learn, worked wonders, and is being used in 33 countries around the world? Would you do it?  

Before I became an Imago therapist in 1994, I used to feel that if I could just get couples to feel empathic towards their partner, they could have, a willingness to be vulnerable and reconnect. Couples would tell me “We do great when we are in your office, but we have to take you home with us”.

What I love about the Imago therapy process is that it teaches a structured communication technique the couple learns right away and takes home with them-the couple become experts in creating safe communication.

The Imago dialogue is a communication process that right away brings, containment of reactivity, non-harming communication, and empathy to our difficult conversations. It softens our defenses so we are available and safe for our partner-and they for us. Most of my couples describe it as a type of magic.

Imago is the best system I have known in my 35 years of working with couples –both in my own marriage, and as a therapist. I would love to coach you in the Imago way of talking and listening that will reestablish the beauty of your connection.
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