Individual Therapy

So much of our personal suffering has to do with being grabbed by our  minds, and by the stories we tell ourselves. How can we release  ourselves from these repetitive, ongoing thoughts that make us  anxious and depressed, and get in the way of feeling peaceful?  

I believe that regardless of our experiences growing up, the only part of us that is real - our essence - is unharmed.  What we are coming to know is that no matter what has happened, or what we are going through now, we can access a place of well-being that is always there, separate from outer conditions.  

Learning the art of self-acceptance, giving ourselves approval right now, connects us to that place of well being - not when we’re “better” - but right now, "Just because you ARE the way you are.”  As Anita  Moorjani says, “How we feel about ourselves is the most important thing in determining the quality of our lives.”  Cultivating that sense of  self-love will transform the quality of our lives. 

There has been such a transformation in the art and science of therapy, It is so much easier to learn how to access those places of  peace and love within; we don’t have to keep re-traumatizing ourselves  with our past.  We can come to know that what we have been seeking has been here all along.  We are that which we seek; we have in us the seeds of self-love, self compassion, joy - we have to know how to water those seeds instead of ones of suffering.   When you could use compassionate guidance for the moments we all have, it could be time to reach out for support.  

And a Little More ...

For those of you interested: the new technologies of quantum healing teachers like Frank Kinslow and Richard Gordon have discovered simple ways of helping us understand how we can affect the physical world, how we can become “aware of awareness” to know where the place of peace lives in us and access it. As Kinslow says “When you know the art of stillness, you know the secret of life - the foundation for health, happiness, success”.

As a long time student on this journey, I would love to share these ideas with you - and, in the words of Richard Gordon, the practice of these techniques leads to not only our own ability to create a more joyful, peaceful life, but helps all of us have a compassionate future.
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