LA Imago Couples Workshops

My partners, Cynthia Hunter, PhD, LMFT and Howard Brode, MS and I are committed to the health of your relationship and conduct premiere Imago Couples Workshops in the greater Los Angeles area. The power of the workshop experience has a profound impact on participants. The workshop is often compared to 3 to 6 months of weekly couples therapy. 

Professional support is available to assist you as a couple as you work individually. Our Getting the Love You Want workshop is specifically designed for you, as a couple and focuses on your relationship with each other. The format of the workshop features the following relationship skill building that you can practice with your partner:
  • Lectures
  • Individual reflections on your relationship that the two of you experience
  • Writing and
  • Demonstrations of communication skills
Please rest assured that we emphasize your confidentiality in establishing a safe and relaxed environment. Except for a brief introduction with the other couples at the beginning of the weekend, you are free to work with your partner. 

You will leave the weekend with a new awareness of the dynamics of a conscious love relationship; replace blame with cooperation, develop constructive ways to express anger and resolve conflict, and renew passion and pleasure in your relationship. These tools will teach you how to get and keep the love you have longed for in your relationship.


I am pleased that many of our workshop attendees have taken the time and energy to pen such lovely testimonials regarding their experience. All have been reprinted with permission.  Please enjoy!

"My husband and I had the same fight over and over for years. It was as if you could put on a tape recorder and leave the room, and it would play out the same way. With the Imago Process that same place of pain became the door to understanding and closeness— we’re closer now than when we got married.” ~ J. Scott

“The workshop was a wonderful experience. It places a value on relationships that society doesn’t recognize. Personally, it gave me a closeness with my husband that I never thought possible.” ~ Hope deMichelle

“The Imago workshop serves to awaken parties to an extremely empathetic and constructive way of healing a relationship- for my husband and me it has provided us with a wealth of tools to use in our life together.”Lauren Landress 

"I feel really good that my partner and I have invested the time and energy to begin learning how to make our relationship fulfilling, safe and enduring, and that this will carry us through all the bumps and blessings that life offers us.” R. Bornfield
2018 Imago
Workshop Dates

February 17 & 18
April 28 & 29
August 4 & 5
November 17 & 18
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Your Relationship Experts
Evie Shafner, MFCC, LA Imago Couples Therapist, Relationship Expert
Evie Shafner, LMFT
Dr. Cynthia Hunter, PhD, LMFT, LA Imago Couples Therapist, Relationship Expert
Cynthia Hunter, PhD, LMFT
Howard Brode, MS, LA Imago Couples Workshop Facilitator
Howard Brode, MS
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